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Welcome to MSix Capital Group

Managing Partner

Michael Ugo Udeogu

Ugo holds dual MBA/MA degrees from the Wharton School and Lauder Institute, alongside a Bachelor's in Computer Science. His professional background spans operations at both established enterprises and early-stage startups, showcasing a blend of technical acumen and strategic thinking.

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About MSix Capital Group
MSix Capital Group is a trusted private investment firm with a focus on medium sized businesses in the US. Join us and work with passionate entrepreneurs and experienced investors ready to ensure your business thrives. Together, let's unlock new growth and create a brighter future.


Get to Know Us

At MSix, we stand as stewards of legacy, dedicated to preserving and nurturing the essence of businesses that have been painstakingly built by visionary founders. Our unwavering commitment to upholding the values and aspirations of these trailblazers drives every facet of our operations.

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