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Michael Ugo Udeogu

With a promising stint in American football, including a tryout with the Indianapolis Colts, he demonstrated early on his dedication and physical capabilities. An unforeseen injury redirected his path from the field to the world of business and technology, where he has since amassed extensive experience in operations and strategy.

Building on his experience in athletics, he co-founded and ran a venture-backed startup, navigating the complexities of entrepreneurship and demonstrating his capacity for leadership and innovation. His journey through the startup ecosystem honed his skills in strategic decision-making, operations, and resource allocation, laying a solid foundation for his future endeavors.

He holds an MBA/MA from the renowned Wharton School and Lauder Institute, complemented by a Bachelor's in Computer Science, grounding him in both technical and managerial aspects of business. His career spans diverse operational roles across established enterprises and startups, encompassing strategic implementation and efficiency improvements.

His approach to business, marked by resilience and a proactive mindset, is greatly influenced by his time in athletics, allowing him to tackle complex challenges head-on and drive impactful change within organizations. Today, he stands as a seasoned professional, adept at bridging the gap between technology and business, ensuring both alignment and progress toward organizational objectives.

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